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10 Best Questions To Ask Women While Online Dating To Get Them Excited

Online dating has been around for quite a while now. It can be a useful tool for connecting with other singles in your area. For those who want to find a serious relationship, there are many people looking for exactly that. And for those who are interested in casual sex, there are plenty of people open for hookups, too.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to online dating or if you’re a veteran. Chances are, you might be wondering how to get the woman through your screen all hot and bothered. So, what are the best questions to ask women while online dating to get them excited?

When you browse through hotties online, you probably come across numerous lovely ladies who catch your attention. Sexy women tend to get lots of messages from guys every day. If you want to get anywhere with your digital crush, you’ll have to say something that makes you stand out. But what should you say?

A simple “What’s up?” or “You’re so hot! How are you single?” probably won’t get you far. On the other hand, a long, sappy message filled with questions about her hobbies may not be very effective, either.

Are you messaging a bunch of women and not getting any responses? We’ve all been there. Even if you’re the smoothest guy on the Internet, there’s a good chance some of your messages will be ignored. Having said that, you might be asking the wrong questions.

I don’t recommend asking racy questions right off the bat because it may turn women off. That being said, you wouldn’t be the first guy to do it. In some instances, it may work out for you. Just know that breaking the ice with a juicy inquiry might alarm some women.

Questions To Ask Women While Online Dating

As I mentioned, not everyone uses dating sites to find hookups. Some profiles will explicitly indicate that a person is looking for casual sex . However, others offer very little information.

Sometimes, sexy banter can go too far especially just right after your first message, in which case you might put a woman off. If she’s clear about wanting to spice things up, go ahead and ask her a few naughty questions. In the event you misread her intentions, don’t sweat it. Brush it off, offer a quick sorry, and move on.

The best questions are fun, flirty, suggestive and a little bit naughty. But even great questions won’t help if you’re not on one of the dating sites that actually work for normal guys .

Whether it’s through a computer screen or in person, dirty talk doesn’t come naturally to everyone. But you can keep these lines in your back pocket and deliver them when the time is right.

So, what should you say to women in your first message to give them a thrill? When it comes to getting women excited, these are the ten best questions to ask while online dating. These will surely improve your first message response rate.

1) “What’s your biggest turn-on?”

This is a super flirty question that gets right to the point. Plus it also lets her know that you’re interested and keen to get to know what she finds sexy. She’ll rise to the challenge, and her answer can’t be anything but sexy. All you have to do next is pick up the baton and continue steering the conversation in the right direction.

Top tip: Be prepared for anything. What turns her on might be something you didn’t expect. But whatever she answers, make sure that you demonstrate that you’re going to be the man to turn her on.

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