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She gets her size, tries them on, and loves them

She found a large, but looking at it more closely she said the slutroulette indir belt would be too low on me and the skirt was too short anyway (it was a very long top section in solid black, and a very short black-and-white skirt portion, set very low)

I am floating! I cannot believe she did that for me! She says it’s not going to become a habit so don’t expect it again, but I’m just grateful for this one show of acceptance and support. It’s a point I never thought she’d ever reach. I know sometimes as we talk about my crossdressing she feels like I am pushing her to accept things she’s not ready to, but I’ve really been trying not to. We do talk occasionally, but mostly I just let her drive the conversation. And every once in a while she shows me that she is processing it all.

If nothing else, at least now when I’m out shopping with her, I can feel more comfortable browsing the racks. And when she’s looking at shoes, I can be maybe just a little more open about my opinions, and she won’t be so upset at the thought that just maybe I’m thinking about them for me.

My wife and I were out looking for shorts and sandals for her. Ended up at the mall. We’re heading toward JC Penney and passing Charlotte Russe, so she asks if she can stop in there to see what they have for sandals.

I said no (my daughter was still getting ready for bed), so she said to go make sure they fit

Before getting to the shoes, she stops by the clearance rack. Pulls out a black dress with a black-and-white skirt. She holds it up to herself and looks at the price ($20) and goes to put it back. I notice another price on the flip side of the tag. $6.99.

“$6.99. ” she asks, incredulous. She looks at it again, seems to think for a moment, then SHE HOLDS THE DRESS UP TO ME.

My gast was completely flabbered. I couldn’t even think of anything to say. I agree…It was cute, but it was weirdly proportioned and I didn’t really care for it, but what a surprise she gave me!

We browse the clearance racks for a few moments more (notice I said “we”…I was openly looking through the racks with her, knowing that we were both looking for me. But there wasn’t anything I really liked, nor her.

So then we move on to the shoes. She doesn’t see any sandals she likes, but she does spot a cute pair of boots. Then we notice the sign that says “Buy one, get the second pair for $15”.

“There’s nothing else here I want,” she says, “Is there anything here that’s your style?” Again I hit her with the “What?”, because I’m a master of language.

“For that price we have to get another pair,” she says. “I don’t want to know about it, but I’m willing to buy you a pair so we don’t waste the bargain.”

Wow oh wow again. She suggests flats, because there are no pumps they had that I liked, but I wasn’t sure and I didn’t dare try any on in front of her or the other women in the store, and besides, we’d only save $3 on the flats, so she asked if I liked any of the boots.

Long story short (too late, I know!), I got the same boots she did, only black instead of brown. They’re ankle-high, maybe 2 1/2? or 3? heel, and cute as nobody’s business. I don’t know if they’ll go with anything I currently have, but I’ll put something together around them at some point.

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