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These pages is made from Asami Sato’s dating along with other letters in the wonderful world of Avatar

Hiroshi Sato

No matter if a businessman and business owner, Hiroshi made certain that Asami constantly had everything you she required and enrolled their in the notice-safeguards classes whenever she are off a young age to ensure she would be able to cover herself. [2] Traditions a longevity of deluxe in the Sato house, Asami along with her dad had a close reference to each other following loss of the woman mommy, when he was now all of the she had left. Thanks to this, she was able to score much previous this lady father.

Family members

Whenever she read off Mako’s economic items, she pretty sure the lady dad to recruit the newest Fire Ferrets to the number of thirty-thousand yuans, [3] and you will she is actually permitted to invite Mako and Bolin to live from the residence without letting him know first. Whenever Asami unearthed that Korra is actually accusing this lady dad of having links into the Equalists, she instantaneously hurried to help you their front side to help with your, also defying Lin Beifong and you can Tenzin. Whenever proof of Hiroshi’s affiliation into Equalists surfaced, she nevertheless refused to believe that the lady dad had anything to carry out using them. not, whenever she experienced the way it is herself, she is soil. Hiroshi made an effort to encourage the lady to become listed on your and you will trustingly provided the woman among electrified gloves he had been using so you’re able to jeopardize her loved ones. Even after understanding you to her father is an enthusiastic Equalist, Asami went on to worry significantly for your, as she told your she loved your just before electroshocking him that have the brand new glove, [2]  even if one did not prevent the lady out-of pretending facing him.

Out of the girl coming at Heavens Forehead Island forward, Asami desired to length by herself of something that reminded her out of otherwise got almost anything to would along with her father. [4]

Inside the race to possess Republic City, she attempted to end the woman father, even if try caught of the Equalists. Whenever she woke right up from inside the a cellular, her father once more expected the woman to join your, even if she turned angered, proclaiming that she never ever perform which his anger had consumed him. [5]

Asami after confronted from facing her father on mecha tanks, which have Hiroshi eventually cutting his links to Asami immediately after she told your which he no longer adored the lady mother, which the newest frustration he believed to own benders had completely pulled him more than. But not, Hiroshi, seeing their girl as the unmovable, noticed zero choice left however, in order to kill the lady. Aided because of the Bolin, Asami marginally fled demise by the hand from her very own father, but she still hesitated so you’re able to kill him. Asami electrocuted him once again once he tried to escape towards foot, although not ahead of regretfully agreeing which have Bolin’s earlier declaration away from Hiroshi are a horrible father. [1]

Even when the girl father is actually imprisoned, Asami went on to bring the duty out of his betrayal, each other to your your own and you will business height, when he had tainted the early in the day and forgotten the favorable Sato name. Inside 174 AG, she journeyed down to Republic Town jail to help you come back most of the letters he previously actually ever written to help you the woman, not one from which she had launched. She ordered him not to contact the lady again, since she did not should listen to otherwise find him ever before again. Despite this, she is actually convinced to listen to your aside within the vow one to he would leave the girl alone for good a short while later, whether or not she cannot happen to consider your. Hiroshi accepted he couldn’t forgive themselves for what the guy got done, nor hope to actually ever getting forgiven, though the guy desired Asami to know that she is actually really the only thing in their lifestyle he took pleasure within the and you may recognized this lady if you are their most readily useful conclusion.

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